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Celebrate Badminton on us!

Oh how we miss those Badminton days!!

A few folk have asked if we are at Badminton Horse Trials again with our horse hair jewellery this year. Sadly, no, but we are definitely @bhorsetrials in spirit and wish all the competitors, visitors and trade stand holders the best of fun in the sun!

To celebrate the competition and the sunshine, enjoy 10% off our lovely braided horse hair stacking bracelets in sterling silver. Choose from our signature Farriers Nail clasp or the timeless Classic Round, both with horse shoe ingot. A scant pencil’s width of full length clean tail hair from your own horse is all we need to create our magic.

Use code “BADMINTON24” at checkout throughout May on the website at:

If we don't see you online before, we'll see you in person at Burghley Horse Trials later in the year!

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