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Important Ordering Information

Online ordering

Please place your order online where possible. This helps us maximise jewellery making time. We've made it as easy as possible. Just go to the Order page, Shop horse hair jewellery. Select the style of work you like or item, e.g. "Braided", or "Woven" or "Rings", then select the item of jewellery, e.g. "Braided stacking bracelet - square braid" and choose options from the right hand sidebar. You can pay online via our secure facility or, if you prefer, make a bank transfer.


For bracelets measure closely around the wrist bone, i.e. just above the knobbly part of your wrist, arm side. To arrive at the finished length we normally recommend adding to that measurement 4 cm for braided stacking bracelets or 2 cm for woven ribbon bracelets. If you prefer a smaller fit, that's fine but bear in mind that the smaller the bracelet, the more difficult it can be to fasten and unfasten it yourself. We would not recommend going any smaller that + 2.5 cm for braided stacking bracelets or + 1.5cm for woven ribbon bracelets unless you have a friend to help you fasten and unfasten your bracelet. 

All our rings are cast to order and must be correctly sized according to the width of the ring band. You can ask a local jeweller to size it for you using suitable ring sizers or we can send you our ring sizer (UK orders only).


We will make your jewellery to the length/size ordered. It is your responsibility to double check that the correct measurement and finished length/size are stated in your order. Because the horsehair is permanently glued in it's usually not possible to alter the jewellery afterwards and we will not be able to refund you if you have ordered the wrong size. 

Bracelets cannot be lengthened. They can potentially be shortened by a minimum of 1 cm but this would incur a charge for the time involved. Rings cannot be altered at all and would have to be recast.

We appreciate that you may wish to give jewellery as a surprise gift, however, unless you are sure of the size and the person's jewellery preferences, please consider as an alternative placing the order on a contingent basis but including one of our Being Made for You cards. You can then give the card on the day and then double check the order.

Alternatively, try to obtain an existing piece of jewellery, say a watch, worn by the person to take a measurement off

Design and engraving text

Any specific requirements in terms of the pattern or the position of colours in braids or woven bands must be made known to us when you place your order. Please ensure engraving text is spelled correctly in your order, specifying upper, lower or title case as you require. 


Variations in the appearance of the jewellery are due to its hand made construction and the fact that it is made using horsehair which is a natural material.

Preparing & sending horsehair

Clean hair is an absolute must because we make your jewellery by hand. So for hygiene reasons (not least because of Covid), we require you to prewash it please. Simply secure the top with a rubber band, soak it in hot soapy water, rinse, dry and comb it through. Please don't use any conditioner or oil (as these can affect the glue we use) and don't plait the hair or use sticky tape to bind it. Ensure the hair is fully dry before you send it or it will start to mould in the post.


We do not accept soiled hair, or hair that includes bits of bedding or hay, or tangled hair. We reserve the right to return dirty or unsuitable hair to you and cancel your order, minus an administrative charge for the wasted time and postage.


Please ensure you put sufficient postage on the envelope. A Large Letter stamp only covers up to 2.5cm thickness and a certain weight. If your envelope is understamped, this will delay your order and we will have to pay the excess postage and charge it back to you before dispatching your jewellery. The best way to ensure this is not to send us too much! Most pieces can be made with a little finger's thickness of tail hair. Unless otherwise instructed, we always return unused hair with the finished jewellery but it must fit in our envelopes and any excess will be discarded.


Please make sure you label the hair clearly so that we can match it up with your order. Either include your name or enclose a print out of your order confirmation. Send the hair to:


The Burnished Horse

The Barn

Mill Farm Stables

Stainby Road




NG33 5JB


Timescales, delivery etc.

Except for our Off the Peg pieces, our unique jewellery is made to order by hand. Orders usually take from about 4 - 8 weeks, depending on order levels and casting and hallmarking schedules. We work on a strictly first come; first served basis from the date the order is placed. Your patience is appreciated around particularly busy times like Christmas.


All finished pieces are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery or equivalent with guaranteed next day delivery (Saturdays excluded).

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