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Care & Warranty

We pride ourselves in creating high quality, wearable jewellery and providing excellent customer service. We work with one of the best and most skilled UK jewellery workshops to develop and produce our exclusive pieces.

How long does horse hair jewellery last?

We are often asked this. Actually mostly this depends on you! We go to great efforts to make the highest quality pieces and to ensure that the jewellery is as robust as possible for normal wear, however, it's true to say that some people look after their jewellery better than others do and clearly we have no control over that aspect.


We understand that this kind of jewellery is very personal and precious to you. However, as with any meaningful piece (like a wedding ring), every day wear can be a challenge to fine jewellery. As much as you love it, horsehair jewellery is not unbreakable and if you “love it too much”, your jewellery may not last! 

It is intended to be worn regularly but there are limits. It's a little bit like footwear. Some folk keep their shoes regularly polished and avoid wearing them in unsuitable conditions; others do not. In the same way that you would want to avoid wearing fine suede boots to muck your horse out, we would like to think that you would avoid subjecting your fine jewellery to the potential hazards of riding, yard duties, gardening or other outdoor activity.

It's obvious to say but the better you care for your horsehair jewellery, the better it will last.

Taking care of your horsehair jewellery

If necessary, gently wash your jewellery in mild soap and warm water, rinse and leave to dry naturally. From time to time polish the metal parts with a jeweller’s polishing cloth.

Please respect the fact that horsehair is a natural material and any bullion or silk threads included are not as robust as the horsehair. So avoid prolonged soaking in water or contact with skin lotions which may risk degrading the horsehair or softening the glues that we use.


For obvious reasons rings are more susceptible to wear, especially if made of natural material like horsehair and more so if incorporating softer materials like silk or bullion thread. We therefore recommend removing your ring when bathing, applying hand lotion, washing up or swimming.


Please avoid wearing your jewellery next to other jewellery or timepieces that might cut or abrade the horsehair. Woven rings, in particular those incorporating silk thread, should not be worn next to other rings that might abrade the inlay. 


Please read and follow any specific care information given, including on the product pages of our Ordering section. Wearing your jewellery while riding, doing yard duties, gardening or other outdoor activity is strictly at your own risk.


Essentially please treat your piece like the fine jewellery that it is and it will give you enduring pleasure.


We like to have happy customers so if for any reason you are unhappy about your jewellery, please let us know in writing as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.  We will of course comply with applicable consumer protection legislation.

We promise:

To make good any defects in manufacturing or workmanship for 12 months from delivery. Where feasible, we will repair the item or replace it, reweaving or rebraiding the horsehair as necessary. Unless otherwise agreed, we always return any unused hair to you and so you may wish to retain it for future repairs if required.


This warranty does not cover damage due to wear and tear, including breakage, snagging or abrading of the horsehair or scratching of the metalwork or engraving or due to accidents, third party alterations or failure to follow our care instructions. However, we do offer a repair service at reasonable cost and will quote for the work on a case by case basis. Our workshop uses specialist soldering equipment to avoid heat damaging the hair. Your statutory rights are unaffected.

For repairs & warranty please contact us by email in the first instance:

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