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Woven horse hair ribbon bracelet - Patterned, wide

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Hand woven horse hair ribbon bracelet, with a nod to British tailoring fabrics

Natural, untreated horse hair comes in many colours and, juxtaposed, the different hues, shades and tones can form intricate patterns in the weave *. We take inspiration from traditional tailoring fabrics and if you have more than one horse hair colour (or are happy for us to supplement), there are many patterns to choose from:

  • Tweeds: including Classic Tweed, Herringbone, Houndstooth & Trimming
  • Motifs: including Double U, Arrows, Chevrons & Chessboard
  • Stripes: Blanket Stripes (irregular stripes, inspired by the famous Witney or Newmarket blankets), Pin Stripes, Chalk Stripes
  • Gaucho: our take on the popular Argentinian leather belts, including Polo, Pampas and Fuego

For more examples of the many different patterns available, see our interactive Look Book and Sample Swatch Card.

Some patterns require 2 contrasts; others 3 or more. A few of the patterns can only be achieved with the wider 9 mm woven band.

9 mm woven horse hair band set in an elegant flat clasp in burnished silver and bearing the distinctive TBH horse head logo. Hallmarked for quality by the London Assay Office and beautifully gift boxed including a presentation card with the name of the horse(s). Optional sliding ingot. Optional engraving.

* The appearance of the weave will vary depending on the horse hair provided. Some horse hair is not uniform in colour along the length of the hair but this can produce very pleasing, unusual results.

Hand made to order Couture using your own horse's hair or Ready to Wear using hair that we provide.

We also cast in yellow, white and rose gold and in platinum. Metal prices are subject to fluctuation; please email for a quotation.

Details & Options

Horse hair: Full length tail hair is required for all woven pieces, regardless of finished length, because the hair must be long enough to fix on the loom. Slightly less than a little finger’s width of full length hair, 40 - 45 cm, is enough to make this bracelet. We always return any unused hair but it must fit in our envelopes so please don’t send more than needed as the excess will be discarded.

Measurements: We suggest a finished length of 2 cm greater than your wrist measurement. So if your wrist measures 16 cm, a good finished length would be 18 cm.

Please measure your wrist closely just above your wrist bone (arm side). We will make your jewellery to the length/size stated in the order. Correct measurement is vital because the horse hair is permanently glued into the clasp. Bracelets cannot be lengthened. They can potentially be shortened by a minimum of 1 cm but this would incur a charge.

Fastening: Your bracelet comes with a lobster clasp.

Engraving: on the outside of the ingot, if included, or discreetly on the inside of the clasp.

Timescale: All our jewellery is truly hand made and so timescales depend on order levels. Typically it takes around 4 - 6 weeks. Please email us beforehand if you have a particular deadline and we will try to accommodate you.

Please look after your jewellery!

As much as you love it, horse hair jewellery is not unbreakable and if you “love it too much”, your jewellery may not last! The better you care for your horse hair jewellery, the better it will last you.

Always follow the care instructions. In particular avoid prolonged soaking and anything that might snag, cut or abrade the horse hair. Please read our warranty. Failure to follow our care instructions excludes our warranty.

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