I've always seen eye to eye with horses. The eyes are the windows to the soul and I believe that horses have beautiful souls.

We share a unique bond with our horses. We are truly privileged that they are prepared to let us in and lend us their trust.


I'm Diane, the designer/maker behind The Burnished Horse. I adore my own horses and so I understand the deep bond between you and your horse.


Let me make beautiful jewellery for you that honours that precious bond.


The Burnished Horse

Beautiful British made horse hair jewellery

For the love of a horse ...

Burnish (bûr’n’ish)vt [with object](adj burnished)

- make shiny or lustrous(esp metal, pottery, leather, wood)

  by rubbing with a hard object to compress the surface

- enhance or improve(e.g.reputation)

- groom a horse until its coat gleams

Why "The Burnished Horse"? 

The burnishing technique is integral to creating this unique jewellery, whether working in precious metals, ceramic or leather. And to me the polished flanks of a well groomed horse, glinting in the

sunlight, look like burnished metal!


Horse hair is amazing! Just look what we do with it ...

I weave horse hair as well as braid it, using ancient hair working techniques. I love to combine the different colours and shades of natural, untreated horse hair to create extraordinary patterns and designs. All my designs are unique and start off life in my sketchbook. I work with one of the UK's best jewellery casting houses to craft beautiful rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, pins, pendants, necklaces and cufflinks. 

Job_1253 TOUCHED.jpeg

The Burnished Horse

Contemporary horse hair jewellery

Couture and ready to wear


Turn a lock of your own horse's hair into unique jewellery to treasure

There are no words to describe the beautiful ring

that I received today.

It is so perfect, it made me cry having a part of my boy with me at all times and the care and attention to detail that you have put into it!

All our precious metal pieces are hallmarked by The London Assay Office and can be engraved to make them truly special

"Best in Show"

Overall best trade stand 

Burghley Horse Trials 2016

See the video here

Truly hand crafted horse hair jewellery, made in the UK

​​Horse hair bracelets & bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, pins & earrings


Available couture from your own horse's hair or ready to wear where we supply the hair


Quality, durable pieces in burnished platinum, gold & silver


Precious metals hallmarked by the London Assay Office


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