It's rare to weave with horse hair because it's so tricky to control on the loom but if you can master the technique, it makes a fine textile.


Natural horse hair comes in many hues and tones and, juxtaposed, the different shades can be made to form extraordinary patterns. Our intricately woven horse hair textile makes fine jewellery, light and delicate, yet strong and wearable. Because it's so fine -just a single hair thick - we can inlay the woven textile into fine rings, pendants, stock pins, and cufflinks or team it with a gold or silver clasp to create our signature woven ribbon bracelet.


With a nod to British tailoring fabrics, we weave a wide range of patterns for our exclusive horse hair jewellery, including Tweeds, Stripes and tiny repeating Motifs. The patterns are formed by weaving together different colours of horse tail hair.  


A flash of gold or silver thread adds contrast to plain hair in our Brocades range, whereas for our Racing Silks collection, we incorporate coloured kimono silk threads.


Plain horse hair looks absolutely stunning just as it is but we can, if you wish, add different coloured hair to make the pattern.


See our Look Book and Swatch Card - Woven for an overview of the different patterns available and see the images below for the those designs which are suitable for single colour horse hair and those suitable for two or more hair colours.


Weaving horse hair is a skilled craft, taking some hours to accomplish. Our prices reflect the complexity of the design.

Patterns for

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Patterns for

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Racing Silks

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Horse hair bracelets & bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces,

cufflinks, pins & earrings


Available couture from your own horse's hair

or ready to wear where we supply the hair


Hand made in the UK


Quality, durable jewellery made in burnished gold, silver & bronze


Precious metals hallmarked by the London Assay Office


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