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Please place your order online where possible

This helps us keep costs down and maximise jewellery making time. We've made it as easy as possible. Just go to the Order page, select the style of work you like, e.g. "Braided", or "Woven" then select the item of jewellery, e.g. "Braided stacking bracelet - square braid" and choose options from the right hand sidebar. You can pay online via our secure facility or, if you prefer, make a bank transfer or send a cheque with the horse hair.


Horse hair

Surprisingly little hair is needed for the jewellery but length and hair quality is important. Except where stated, we use full length tail hair. If you have only shorter lengths of tail hair, see the options For Short Hair. If you think you might not have sufficient hair, please email before placing your order and we will advise you as to what's possible.


Take the full length of the tail hair; don't trim it to length. Usually you can remove sufficient hair from the horse without it showing by cutting - sparingly - from the back centre of the tail, just under the dock.


Tail hair from different horses can be combined, often to wonderful effect, however in some case the different hair textures can cause braids to twist. We will take steps to minimise this where possible.





Braided and rope twist work - requirements


  • Full length tail hair, as long as possible - ideally 45 cm or longer but an absolute minimum length of 35 cm

  • About 280 hairs is normally sufficient - between a pencil's and little finger's diameter



  • Farriers Nail Birthstone ring or Chevron rope twist ring: about 16 tail hairs, ideally 20 cm long

  • Chunky braided inlaid ring: about 160 hairs, ideally 20 cm long


Farriers Nail torque bangle

  • About 20 cm

  • About a pencil's diameter

Farriers Nail 3 part bracelet

  • About 20 cm

  • About a pencil's diameter

Farriers Nail pendant/pin

  • About 20 cm

  • About a pencil's diameter


Farriers Nail earrings

  • About 20 cm

  • About a pencil's diameter


Woven work - requirements

Full length tail hair is required for all woven pieces, regardless of finished length. This is because the hair must be long enough to fix on the loom, ideally 45 cm or longer. The weave patterns come from the contrast in hair colours/shades, either taken from the same tail or combining the hair from two or more horses. If you have single colour hair, you can go for Tweed: Plain Twill, or our Brocades and Racing Silks designs are good options. - see Swatch Card. Alternatively, we can add stock hair of any colour to make the  pattern you require.


Ribbon bracelets and torque bangles

  • 9mm band - about 130 hairs


Inlaid rings

  • About 90 hairs



  • About 90 hairs



  • About 90 hairs


Preparing & sending horse hair

Clean hair is very much appreciated! It's not nice working with dirty hair and so for hygiene reasons we require you to prewash it. Simply secure it with a rubber band, dunk it in hot soapy water, rinse, dry and comb it through. Please don't use conditioner or oil and don't plait the hair or use sticky tape to bind it. Ensure the hair is fully dry before you send it or it will start to rot in the post.


If you send us soiled hair, or hair including bits of bedding or hay, or tangled hair, we will automatically put it to the end of the queue. We reserve the right to return it to you and cancel your order.


Please ensure you put sufficient postage on the envelope. A Large Letter stamp only covers up to 2.5cm thickness and a certain weight. If your envelope is understamped, this will delay your order and we will have to pay the excess postage and charge it back to you before dispatching your jewellery.


Make sure you label the hair clearly so that we can match it up with your order. Either include your name or enclose a print out of your order confirmation. Send the hair to:


The Burnished Horse

The Barn

Mill Farm Stables

Stainby Road




NG33 5JB


Delivery etc.

All our jewellery comes beautifully presented and gift wrapped. Couture pieces include an elegant card bearing the name of the horse(s). 


Except for our Off the Peg pieces, our unique jewellery is made to order by hand. Orders usually take from about 4 - 8 weeks, depending on order levels and casting and hallmarking schedules. We work on a strictly first come; first served basis from the date the order is placed. Your patience is appreciated around particularly busy times like Christmas..


All finished pieces are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery or equivalent with guaranteed next day delivery (Saturdays excluded).



Take care to order the correct size as it's not usually possible to alter horse hair jewellery afterwards. For bracelets measure closely around the wrist bone. If it's for a surprise gift, try to obtain an existing piece of jewellery worn by the person to take a measurement off or consider sending one of our Being Made for You cards. All our rings are cast to order and must be correctly sized. We can send you our ring sizer (UK orders only).


Returns & Repairs

We take every care to ensure the highest quality and to do so we work with one of the best and most experienced jewellery workshops to develop and produce our exclusive pieces. We understand that this kind of jewellery is very personal and precious to you and you will want to treasure it for a long time.

We are often asked how long our horse hair jewellery will last. Actually mostly this depends on you! We go to great efforts to make the highest quality pieces and to ensure that the jewellery is as robust as possible for normal wear, however, it's true to say that some people look after their jewellery better than others do. A bit like shoes! The better you care for your jewellery, the better it will last. It's intended to be worn regularly but please respect the fact that horse hair is a natural material. Please read and understand our Care Information & Warranty.

We like to have happy customers so if for any reason you are unhappy about your jewellery, please let us know in writing as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.  We will of course comply with applicable consumer protection legislation.


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Truly hand crafted horse hair jewellery, made in the UK

​​Horse hair bracelets & bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, pins & earrings


Available couture from your own horse's hair or ready to wear where we supply the hair


Quality, durable pieces in burnished platinum, gold & silver


Precious metals hallmarked by the London Assay Office


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