Please pre-wash your horse hair!


We make the jewellery by hand and so, for hygiene reasons, please pre-wash it. Don't send us too much hair, then it's easy.

Just secure it at the top end with a rubber plaiting band, dunk it in hot water and fairy liquid, give it a rinse and make sure it's fully dry and detangled before posting. No oils, sprays or conditioners. No plaits or sticky tape. 

We can tell as soon as we handle the hair whether it's clean. Unwashed or tangled hair WILL incur a delay and we don't want to cause offence by having to tell you that it's because you've sent us dirty hair, so please do take a few minutes to prepare your hair as above.

This hair looked clean until we started to sort it. It's not nice working with dirty hair!

Horse hair bracelets & bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces,

cufflinks, pins & earrings


Available couture from your own horse's hair

or ready to wear where we supply the hair


Hand made in the UK


Quality, durable jewellery made in burnished gold, silver & bronze


Precious metals hallmarked by the London Assay Office


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